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Astra Iveco

Astra 8x8

The Astra 8x8 is the largest and most heavy duty off-road vehicle available in the Iveco product line-up. It's unashamedly purpose-built to be totally functional and practical while filling the most demanding off-road applications. Featuring huge ground clearance, a full-time 8x8 system with lockable diffs on all axles and a choice of two powerful horsepower options, the Astra is a true workhorse and excels when road conditions deteriorate.

The Astra features a long component list that sees it well credentialed to thrive in demanding off-road applications, these include:

  • all wheel drive 8x8
  • Iveco front parabolic suspension, standard stabiliser bar on 1st and 4th axles, optional on 2nd and 3rd
  • Iveco parabolic cantilever
  • Iveco Cursor 13 engines with either 480hp or 520hp output
  • differential locks and hub reduction on all axles
  • a GVM of 48 tonnes and GCM of 70 tonnes
  • fitted as standard with the ZF Eurotronic II 16-speed automated transmission (optional Allison 4700 automatic also available)

The Astra is a serious off-road truck, purpose-built for the toughest off highway applications. Boasting the traction of an all wheel drive 8x8 driveline, Iveco parabolic front suspension, Iveco cantilever rear suspension and the well-regarded Iveco Cursor 13 engine available in 480 or 520hp outputs, the Iveco Astra makes light work of the toughest conditions.

The Astra is equipped with differential locks and hub reduction on all axles, and with its 48 tonne GVM and 70 tonne GCM is capable of handling the largest of loads. The Astra is fitted with the ZF Eurotronic II 16-speed automated transmission but is also available with optional Allison 4700 full automatic if the application requires it.

The Astra is ideal for use in applications such as:

  • mining
  • exploration
  • water haulage
  • concrete pumper
  • drilling
  • forestry
  • off road tipper work
  • elevated work platform


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