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Iveco - Daily

With class-leading payload, volume capacity, power and torque and industry-leading 8-speed Hi-Matic full automatic transmission, it’s no surprise that the new Iveco Daily was recently awarded 2015 International van of the Year.
The Daily Van is extremely versatile offering unrivalled strength and loading capacity while having the driving characteristics of a car. The Daily Van range punches well above its weight with its two main model variants, the 35S and 50C, providing GVM ranges of between 3.8 to 5.2 tonnes – all can be driven on a standard car licence.
The Daily van also boasts the largest loading capacity in the market with a massive 19.6m³ model. This allows you to carry more in each load maximising efficiency and providing significant cost benefits to your business.
Loading is made easy with a large side sliding door and a choice of three different rear door heights that can take up to three 1.2 metre wide pallets. The rear loading platform has also been lowered by 55mm over the previous model to make loading and unloading even easier. A cost option with most other van manufacturers, the Daily Van has double-hinged 270° opening rear doors fitted to every van as standard. This allows the doors to be opened almost flat against the body, which is ideal when loading and unloading in confined spaces.


The new Daily is modern, sleek and aesthetically-pleasing while keeping functionality in mind. The distinctive angled headlamps are positioned high up on the cabin and set-back to minimise damage from minor knocks. A hardwearing strip along the base of the bodywork similarly protects against minor knocks.

The rounded bonnet is generously proportioned providing improved aerodynamics while allowing easy engine access at service time.

The new Daily boasts a reduction in fuel consumption of 4.1% compared to the previous models, while still providing strong engines with high power and torque outputs.

The low fuel consumption is achieved through a combination of features. The engines themselves now use low friction piston rings and higher grade engines oils.

A ‘smart’ alternator has also been introduced – this device is activated when the accelerator is released and kinetic energy is recovered.

Also assisting in fuel reduction is a driver-operated ‘Ecoswitch’. Designed for use primarily when the van / cab chassis is only lightly loaded (or unladen), once pressed, the Ecoswitch reduces vehicle torque and horsepower.

Other fuel efficiency measures have come from the new automatic climate control system which features ‘Ecomac’ technology. Similar to the inverter function in a reverse cycle air conditioner, Ecomac optimises the operation of the compressor to match the cabin’s actual cooling requirements.

The final piece in the equation is superior cab aerodynamics, with drag coefficient greatly reduced by approximately 6% to a slippery Cx 0.316.

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