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Iveco - Powerstar

The Powerstar range of trucks has been designed, engineered and built in Australia using up to 65% of locally-sourced components. It is a purpose-built truck designed for the unique operating conditions of Australia.

It is available with the choice of either a European or American driveline and combines the strength, durability and proven qualities of an American truck with comfort, sophistication and drivability of a European truck, providing the driver with the best of both worlds.

The Powerstar has been designed to be used in a large range of applications including as:

  • prime movers towing single trailers and B–Double trailer sets
  • tipper and dog
  • roadtrains up to 140 tonnes (Gross Combination Mass)
  • long and medium distance distribution
  • refrigerated transport

Powerstar Range

The Powerstar range is tough and designed with Australia's unque and demanding conditions in mind. From the 6400 which offers a very competitive tare weight of under 7.5 tonnes to maximise your payload, to the 7800 Roadtrain, which can haul up to 140 tonnes, all Powerstars are Australian-built for the harshest terrain and applications.






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